ZHT Aero Participates in the 9th Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2024

From May 24th to 26th, the 9th Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2024 was grandly held in Futian. More than 500 companies showcased over 4,000 types of drones at this top annual event. ZHT Aero participated with its KEEL and NAGA series drones, attracting numerous domestic and international customers and industry professionals to stop by and inquire.

The most striking highlight was the debut of the KEEL Max, a 100-kilogram class logistics transport drone. The KEEL Max is one of the few drones at the event featuring a coaxial eight-rotor pure electric design capable of heavy lifting. It boasts a symmetric wheelbase of nearly 2.4 meters and the props spread out to 3.3 m. Its pop-art psychedelic body paint gives the KEEL Max a futuristic and sci-fi appearance, as if it were placed in outer space.

The KEEL Max further enhances ZHT Aero’s commitment to modular design, allowing the drone to meet payload requirements ranging from 30 to 130 kg, with a maximum takeoff weight of 230 kg. It has a full-load endurance of 35 minutes. In the future, this drone could not only fly and carry cargo but also navigate on water, endowing it with true “air-sea integrated” capabilities. This innovation provides new insights into the intelligent and efficient future of logistics transportation.

At this exhibition, ZHT Aero showcased the internal disassembled components of their drones for the first time, including modular parts from the KEEL and NAGA series. These components include replaceable arms, motors, power distribution boards (PDB), and high-strength carbon fiber composites. Each part is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure stable performance and reliability in various complex environments. Through this transparent display, ZHT Aero demonstrated its rigorous approach to technological research and development, as well as its spirit of innovation, to the visitors.

During the exhibition, the ZHT Aero booth was bustling with visitors, drawing a large crowd. A pleasant surprise was the “surprise visits” from many long-standing international clients. Reuniting with old friends brought a sense of warmth and closeness, with smiles bridging the distance instantly. The booth also attracted many new visitors, who stopped to watch demonstrations and exchange business cards. Company representatives engaged in in-depth technical discussions and business negotiations with domestic and international clients and industry peers. Through these face-to-face interactions and exchanges, ZHT Aero gained a deeper understanding of the market demands and future development directions, enhancing the company’s reputation and visibility in the global UAV market.

The low-altitude economy is the future, and it is already here. ZHT Aero will continue to uphold the basic principle of “innovation and mutual benefit” for sustainable development. The company will actively respond to national policies and calls for the development of the low-altitude economy, leveraging its technological advantages and market experience to provide high-quality drone products and solutions for global customers. ZHT Aero is dedicated to expanding drone applications in urban logistics, fire safety, environmental monitoring, and other fields. The company aims to become a comprehensive enterprise integrating technology, industry, trade, and intelligence. With a commitment to excellence, solid strength, and continuous innovation, ZHT Aero will contribute significantly to the advancement of the low-altitude economy, helping it soar from potential to reality!

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