Accurate, Safe, Visual, Real-time

Mapping & Surveying

Drone mapping and surveying leverage unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with advanced remote sensing technology to capture high-resolution imagery and collect precise data. These drones are specifically designed to optimize the combination of cutting-edge technologies, including aerial photography, remote control, telemetry, and video image recording.

The drone solution has brought technological innovation to surveying and mapping operations, greatly improving the automation and informatization level of surveying and mapping work, and bringing multiple advantages such as cost saving, efficiency improvement, and job safety guarantee to surveying and mapping units

Survey and Design

Drones reduce field costs and provide high-precision model data

Topographic Survey

Modeling and generating terrain data to reduce field costs and shorten work cycles

Construction Supervision

Dynamically grasp the status of the construction site and comprehensively manage the construction progress

Geological and mineral monitoring

Quickly and accurately obtain terrain and geomorphological information, greatly reducing manual survey costs


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