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Drones have been rapidly advancing in their applications within the logistics and transportation field. As a fast, efficient, and flexible delivery method, drones offer several advantages to the logistics industry.

Unlike traditional transportation methods that may take longer to transport packages or goods, drones can swiftly fly from the starting point to the destination, reducing delivery times. This is especially crucial for time-sensitive shipments, express delivery services, and the distribution of urgently needed medical supplies.

They can navigate various terrains and environments, including urban areas, mountainous regions, and coastlines. With their vertical take-off and landing capabilities and direct flight paths, drones can bypass congested areas, minimizing delivery times and uncertainties. This makes them an ideal choice for reaching remote or inaccessible locations.

Oil pipeline inspection

UAV paired with visible light and infrared cameras for automated inspection and precise positioning of safety hazards

Inspection of transmission towers

Drone assisted refined inspection of transmission lines

Reservoir inspection

Precise inspection of the dam body, perimeter, and water surface, and early warning of various safety hazards

Wind turbine inspection

Precision inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure stable operation of wind farms


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