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Patrol Inspection & Shooting

Drone aerial photography is based on unmanned aircraft, with airborne remote sensing equipment,such as high-resolution CCD digital cameras, light optical cameras, infrared video cameras etc. The whole system has outstanding characteristics in design and optimal combination. It integrates cutting-edge technologies such as high-altitude shooting, remote control, telemetry, and video image recording

Aerial photography drones are widely used in various domains such as energy, construction and infrastructure inspection, application example: oil pipeline inspection, power line inspection, wind turbine inspection, solar panel inspection, power plant inspection, refinery equipment inspection, bridge inspection, illegal vehicle and vessel license plate collectionriver pollution point source collectionhigh quality long rang filming and other fields.

Oil pipeline inspection

UAV paired with visible light and infrared cameras for automated inspection and precise positioning of safety hazards

Inspection of transmission towers

Drone assisted refined inspection of transmission lines

Reservoir inspection

Precise inspection of the dam body, perimeter, and water surface, and early warning of various safety hazards

Wind turbine inspection

Precision inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure stable operation of wind farms


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