ZHT Aero Unveils Latest Products at Drone Show Korea 2024

From March 6th to 8th, 2024, ZHT Aero was invited to participate in the annual Busan Drone Expo in South Korea. This exhibition saw 228 companies from 10 countries participating, and ZHT Aero showcased products such as KEEL, KEEL Mini, KEEL Max, gimbals, and components, attracting the attention of many attendees.

As a company dedicated to the research, design, and integration solutions of drones, ZHT Aero showcased the latest technology and products to attendees from around the world at the exhibition. The modular and compact design, convenient quick-detach design, and wide equipment compatibility of the KEEL series piqued the interest of many attendees, with ZHT Aero representatives patiently answering their inquiries.

Since the launch of KEEL in 2022, it has received recognition and praise from customers in dozens of countries such as the United States, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, the UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more, and has been widely applied in fields such as logistics transportation, power inspection, and geographic surveying. By participating in the Busan Drone Expo in South Korea, ZHT Aero aims to further enhance its influence in the Korean market and expand its business scope in various sectors in Korea.

ZHT Aero has always valued long-term friendly cooperation with its customers. The participation in the South Korea Drone Expo is not only to showcase its technological strength and product advantages but also to deepen cooperation understanding through on-site exchanges with existing customers and explore more possibilities for future cooperation. During the visit to Korean clients, the ZHT Aero delegation demonstrated the company’s integrity and professionalism, deepening the trust of customers in ZHT Aero and reaching preliminary agreements for further collaboration in the future.

ZHT Aero will continue to focus on the development of the drone industry, innovate products, enhance service quality, actively expand international markets, provide high-quality drone solutions for more countries and regions, and promote the widespread application and development of drone technology globally.

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