Keel Mini Quadcopter Modular Design Long Endurance Industrial Drone For Mapping And Inspection

70 Minutes Endurance

8KG Loading Capacity

16KG Max Take-off Weight

Modular Design

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Model No. KEEL Mini
Max. Symmetric Wheelbase 906mm
Material Carbon fiber composite and Aircraft Aluminum
Size 777*647*131 mm (Props folded, landing gears removed.) 966*1053*443 mm (Props unfolded, landing gears unfolded. )
Weight ≈ 3.7kg(excl. battery) ≈ 7.7kg(incl. battery * 2 pcs)
Max. Loading Capacity ≤ 8kg
Max. Takeoff Weight ≤ 16kg
Endurance ≤ 70min @ no payload ≤ 40 min @ 3kg payload ≤ 31 min @ 5kg payload ≤ 25 min @ 6kg payload
Hovering Accuracy (with moderate or no wind) vertical ±0.2m; horizontal ±0.1m
Max. Angular Velocity 150°/s
Max. Pitch Angle 25°
Max. Ascent Speed 3m/s
Max. Descent Speed 2.5m/s
Max. Horizontal Speed 27m/s
Max. Flight Altitude 5500m
Max. Wind Speed Resistance 16m/s
Ingress Protection Rating IP55
Operating Temperature ﹣20℃ ~ +50℃
Battery Capacity 14S , 19200mAh
Battery Weight 2kg
Battery Size 150*70*75*mm
Notes: The size and weight may be changed according to customer’s personalized customization requirements. Please refer to the actual object.

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